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What's New
Thursday, December 27, 2001 - Room Rack's Detailed System Design beta 1.0 is up. Developers please add comments, download the page to your local machine, put your comments to the page, check if no other developer edits the page, if not then overwite the page by uploading through scp. read the sourceforge site docs for more info. its quite big(137k) so please wait. check it out here

Also, I added SQL Scripts based from the ver 1.0 of the Detailed System Design.
choose below:
- MySQL click here
- MSAccess click here
- MSSQL click here

Tuesday, December 11, 2001
Uploaded the Room Rack's Library Guide check it out here. -Jed
December 7, 2001
December 7, 2001 -
Attention Developers, For your guide to the library Design click here. -Jed
What is Room Rack?

It is an open-source Hotel Management Software. it is under the GNU/General Public License and it is 100% pure java. Running under The Jakarta Project's Tomcat and Element Construction Set. Its objective is to give the hotel industry a free alternative from the existing and expensive hotel software packages. Another objective is to prove that the original author is capable of writing quality software with only few experience, since he has been rejected several times by companies which he had applied for a job. he also wants to prove to that he is not a lame-ass kind of developer.

What is open-source?
in one-sentence:

Open source promotes software reliability and quality by
supporting independent peer review and rapid
evolution of source code.

in one-paragraph:

Open source promotes software reliability and quality by supporting independent peer review and rapid
evolution of source code. To be OSI certified, the software must be distributed under a license that
guarantees the right to read, redistribute, modify, and use the software freely.

you can also visit http://opensource.org
Can i request for enhancements and Report bugs?

Absolutely, look for the distributions contact info file contact.txt and call its author
your request might be in the next version

Does it have a warranty?

No. but the author will try as much as possible to help the users in fixing problems encountered.

Can i copy the software and make money out of it?

That is called forking. It is an unethical way of copying
software. But the answer is yes the original author doesnt care.
also read the license agreement.

What company is this?

There is no company. Just an ugly nerd with a lot of time in his hand.

Can you come onsite and help with installation / training?

try to contact the author first.

Is this project still on going?

Sorry, I have lost interest in the project. I'm currently working on my own Saas products and doing contract work.